BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association presents Terry Biggar Award to the members of the RethinkitBC coalition

The British Columbia Bottle and Recycling Depot Association (“BCBRDA”) awarded the Terry Biggar Award to members of the RethinkItBC Coalition in recognition of sustainable practices and environmental contributions, and for standing up for small business owners across the province. Members of the Coalition were presented at BCBRDA’s Annual General Meeting.

The BC Bottle Depot Association becomes The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association

The membership of the BC Bottle Depot Association, one of BC’s longest operating and internationally recognized recycling associations has voted unanimously to expand the name of the BC Bottle Depot Association to the new name of The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association (BCBRDA).

BC Bottle Depot Association Welcomes 36 New Members Including Its First International Member

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of October 1st 2012 the BCBDA welcomed 36 new members including our first international Associate Member Urban Ore of Berkeley California. Over the past year provincial depots have come to realize that there is strength of voice in numbers to push our interests forward in the recycling industry.

Milk Containers into Deposit Tabled in the BC Legislature

Fleetwood MLA Mr. Jagrup Brar who is recognized for his exercise in January of 2012 to survive on social assistance and had to resort to binning (collecting abandoned deposit bearing containers) to be able to feed himself is now assisting the BCBDA in our effort to have all Milk Containers included into the deposit system. Both the BCBDA and Mr.

Coca-Cola Case - The Movie

In this feature-length documentary, directors German Gutiérrez and Carmen Garcia present a searing indictment of the Coca-Cola empire and its alleged kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders trying to improve working conditions in Colombia, Guatemala and Turkey.

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